Mac King Inspires Kids and Adults

Inside Magic Image of Mac KingInside Magic Favorite Mac King received well-deserved, positive press in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal for his tireless work to promote reading.  This is the fifth year Mac King’s Magical Literacy Tour has visited Las Vegas elementary schools to promote the magic of books.

Beverly Mathis, director of literacy for The Public Education Foundation, praised Mr. King effusively (see how we up our adverb choice when talking about literacy?).

“Mac King is fabulous, and we know how he motivates children to read,” Mathis said. “There’s a little book by Dr. Seuss, and the title is ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’, and just think about that. Children can go anywhere they want, even though they’re right here at Bunker Elementary School. Reading opens up the world.”

Mr. King acknowledges that young audiences can be tough audiences.

“It’s hard doing magic for kindergartners and first-graders, you know?” he said. “They kind of believe it; they believe it’s real.”

“I started doing a few school assemblies when I first started at Harrah’s,” said King, “and I started seeing libraries in Las Vegas and thought, ‘Maybe we can get some more books in there.’  When I was a kid, I checked out a book about magic —Tricks Any Boy Can Do — from my school library, and it literally changed my life.”

Mr. King’s multi-award winning show runs Tuesday through Saturday afternoons at 1pm and 3pm at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

Each student got a free book, courtesy of a book drive sponsored by local companies and the YMCA of Southern Nevada.

“Some of these kids, it’s the only book they’ve ever owned,” King said. “And that’s just appalling. But, for them, it’s like Christmas.”

Be sure to stop by Mr. King’s website at

Magician Mac King Goes to Canada for 2 Shows

Image of Mac King in Cloak of InvisibilityInside Magic Favorite and perennial Las Vegas people’s choice award winner Mac King announced today he will be taking his outstanding one-man and eponymous show to Canada at the end of the month.

He will traverse the northern border for a show on February 28th in beautiful Ottowa and then head to the Toronto suburb of Burlington for a show on March 1st.

Mr. King will perform at two great venues during this rare sojourn from Las Vegas.  In Ottawa, he will bring his Cloak of Invisibility and other magical effects to the Centerpointe Theatre.  Show time is 7:30 pm.  If you miss him in Ottawa, you can see him in the beautifully appointed Burlington Performing Arts Centre when he takes the stage at 8:00 pm.

If you have seen Mr. King’s show before, you need no coaxing from this humble internet media outlet to book your tickets now.  If you have never seen him live, you need to make reservations immediately.  Seriously.

Magician Mac King Escapes for New Jersey

Image of Mac King in Cloak of InvisibilityInside Magic Favorite Mac King is to appear on Saturday, March 16th at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey for one nearly sold out show at 8:00 pm.  The theater is a long way from Las Vegas but just 1500 feet from the home of Albert Einstein.  We explore the obvious implications of this “coincidence” in our special investigative article today.

One of the downsides of being a headliners on the Las Vegas strip is . . .

Okay, actually we cannot think of many, or any downsides per se.  We suppose having people trying to force business cards for escort agencies into your hand each time you enter your place of work would get old and risk paper cuts but other than that, it seems like a pretty good thing.

And to be fair, Inside Magic Favorite Mac King is not complaining about being a favorite of both resident and tourists.  It is just an unfortunate truth that being a headliner means you have to appear live on stage at the venue for which tickets are sold lest you lose your headliner status and risk class action lawsuits by disgruntled putative audience members.

(By the way, according to our recent review of Clark County, Nevada’s civil court docket, there has not been a lawsuit against a headliner by a disappointed ticket holder that was described as “gruntled.”  It appears only the disgruntled are willing to pay the filing fees and cost of serving a summons to seek recompense for their alleged damages.

Interestingly,  we came across a lawsuit brought by a family who attended the Cirque du Soleil show “O” and found it wanting.  For some reason, the ticket broker told them the front row seats were for a show starring Oprah Winfrey.  The suit was dismissed at a preliminary stage of proceedings.  We were amazed that they stayed for the entire two-hour show apparently waiting for Ms. Winfrey to appear in the midst of the aquatic fete that is O.  See, Family Van Der Wallen Jag v. Cirque du Soleil, et. al., (Nev. Nov. 23, 2012)).

Mr. King performs ten shows a week and if he were performing them all on one day, he would have plenty of time to see the world but apparently his contract with Harrah’s requires him to take the stage at the beautifully appointed Main Showroom twice a day on five days a week; Tuesday through Saturday.  (We did the math, performing a show at 1:00 and 3:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday equals ten shows.  We were pretty certain Mr. King’s representation was correct but it is also good to check things for one’s self).
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Vote for Magician Mac King Today!

Image of Juan Evo Morales AymaThere is no provision in the US Constitution establishing or regulating voting for magicians.  We have checked it out pretty carefully but didn’t even see the word “Magician” in the text.
But, as every good lawyer knows, sometimes it is what the document does not say that gives meaning.
Actually, we just made that up.  We cannot think of a single example that would support such a ridiculous proposition.
Nonetheless, we do believe the voting for Magician is a solemn duty of every  magic citizen and note that the campaign season is upon us once again.
In fact just this afternoon, Bill Voelkner, producer of the Mac King Comedy Magic Show, sent us a reminder to vote in the Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Poll.
These are the Categories to Vote for Mr. King:

Best Magician
Best Bargain Show
Best Las Vegas Attraction
Best All-Around Performer
Favorite Male Las Vegan

This year voters have three methods of registering their preference.
You can head over to the Las Vegas Review Journal’s special voting site and do it online through that web page; or
You can go to on your smartphone / tablet browser or send a text “BOLV” to 772937 from your smartphone.
It took us 22 minutes to decode BOLV.  It stands for “Best of Las Vegas.”
We assumed, wrongly, it was a typo for Bolivia and so we have apparently submitted thousands of votes to a completely unrelated on-line poll in that South American country.  Of course, if Mac King does unseat current Bolivian president Evo Morales, we will claim our rightful credit and attempt to gain some cushy patronage job from Mr. King.
We have included a picture of President Morales performing a pretty decent card trick above.

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Mac King: Better than Copperfield

Inside Magic Image of Person Watching Our Double Wide HomeThe big time professional magicians spend buckets of moolah hoping to entice just one more customer in the door.  And these are magicians who have talent far beyond even the best of the best in our local Rings or Assemblies.  

The advertising consultants we've consulted unanimously agree the best type of advertisement is also the toughest to create, word of mouth. 

We were impressed by the praise heaped upon Inside Magic Favorite Mac King in a pithy review posted on Trip Advisor this morning. 

Under the title, “Better than David Copperfield” a traveler from the Midwest penned just a few sentences that likely has more power than any paid-for advertisement Mr. King could muster.

Mac King, who looks like a blonde Paul McCartney, is much more genuine and entertaining than David Copperfield, who comes off as jaded and almost contemptuous of his audience. I laughed at King's silly jokes in spite of myself because he seemed like such a nice guy. This show is definitely worth the money and time spent. Go see it!

We hate to see two fantastic magicians compared against each other in this way and hope that readers of the Trip Advisor site are able to overlook this poster's negative impressions of  Mr. Copperfield's act.  Not to sound too much like your mother, but we love both acts and each magician equally.  They are each special.

Additionally, we never saw Mac King as a "blonde Paul McCartney" but have noticed that each time we have seen his show at Harrah's in Vegas, Paul McCartney was not to be seen.  We're not saying this is like a "Dancing Bear – Captain Kangaroo" situation where the Captain would always just miss seeing the much-heralded dancing bear thus leading some to suggest that it was the Captain within the costume.  Still, it seems more than a coincidence and perhaps this citizen poster has a point. 

We have taken the liberty of requesting DNA from Paul McCartney and will compare it with that which we have sampled from a goldfish we perloined from Mac King's show.  Once we have the former Beatle's scrapings, we will post the results. 

If Paul McCartney provides a sufficient amount of DNA, we will divide it into smaller bits and sell it on eBay to pay for the rather expensive DNA Comparator 3000 Plus we purchased for this journalistic investigation.  Why not just sell the DNA Comparator 3000, some may ask.  

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