Criss Angel Proposes to Girlfriend in Cabo

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Not Actual Photo of and Fiance Due to Copyright Restrictions

Magician Criss Angel popped the question to girlfriend last week. The two were taking some time off in beautiful (a regular stop on ABC Television’s The ) at the time.

The magician’s public relations team describe the young couple as “ecstatic.”

The couple had just finished dinner whilst gazing upon the setting sun when Criss Angel bestowed upon Miss Gonzalez a subtle but symbolic piece of jewelry: a 5-carat princess-cut diamond on a platinum band. As one would expect, Criss Angel co-designed the token of affection.

The illusionist and star of Las Vegas’ Believe apparently anticipated an affirmative response to his life-changing question. He arranged for Miss Gonzalez’ family to join them immediately after she accepted the proposal. The public relations team also inform reporters all was capped with “fireworks began blasting overhead.”

Here is the Inside Magic strange quote of the week. It comes from E!’s story on the proposal:

This will be Angel’s second marriage, his first having ended in 2006 after four years and one instance of the husband being buried alive. He also dated Holly Madison for awhile.

We are not sure what the author intended by the two sentences. Actually, we’re puzzled over the “his first having ended in 2006 after four years and one instance of the husband being buried alive.”

It could be this is a clever use of metaphor or a literal use of public relations hyperbole or neither or both.

The Holly Madison bit is thrown in to confuse and confound – to ensure readers will not easily understand whether the “buried alive” statement is fanciful language or a description of an illusion Criss Angel performed about the same time as he was dating Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and performing an endurance stunt in public.

Regardless, we wish the young couple the best of luck. We will keep Inside Magic readers apprised of developments and wedding date scheduling.

Read more about the question popping here.

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