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Here at The Magic Apple we strive to sell only the highest quality magic and magic supplies. We will try to bring you all the best magic has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to advance the art of magic. We carry more products and have more suppliers than any other magic shop or webstore in the world! Sometimes, items in the shop are not always online and vice versa. Although we try and carry everything that is listed in this site, we are sometimes out of stock on some products. Not sure if we have it? Give us a call 818-508-9921. Please note that The Magic Apple is not affiliated with any other magic shop or online store. Really, we are the only ones the matter! Drop it like it’s hot.

What do we like about Meir Yedid and his shop?  Everything.  The man loves magic perhaps as much as anyone we know.  His prices are always fair and he is honest.  Most folks in magic sales are honest but he goes beyond the baseline to ultra-honest and helpful.  He knows the history of each trick sold, will tell you if the trick has real-world problems cares about his customers.  If you have ever encountered him at a convention you have seen his energy and enthusiasm for our craft.  Check out his site, put it on your favorites list and sign-up for his newsletter.

ONLINE MAGIC SHOP CATALOGUE Browse hundreds of easy to do magic tricks in our shop. To help you choose, watch a demo video of each trick in action. Tricks are rated by appropriate age group and skill level.

Great magic shops in great places like the Venetian, Planet Hollywood, New York New York and the Factory Outlet in Las Vegas. Also at Pier 39 in San Franscisco and on Main Street in Disneyland.