Magician and Teacher Jay Sankey Rocks

Jay Sankey ImageThis will seem like more like an endorsement than Magic News.  And it is an endorsement but not paid or even asked for by Jay Sankey.

Mr. Sankey has released, by our last count, a billion or more effects on the market and has very effective email and Twitter campaigns.  It could be that he also is in Instasnap, Facegroup or the other sites the kids use to share important selfies and ponderings about their selfies but we don’t have accounts on those services because we are very old – at least over 24 – and so are, as the kids say, “not down with them.”

We could have written this endorsement and fanboy tract at any time but we were struck by the beauty of a force taught for free by Mr. Sankey last night.  You can see it for yourself here.  We had never considered the very simple move taught but will now use it frequently.

The force taught is like most of the things offered by Mr. Sankey: easy to perform, effective and highly commercial.  We know he lectures like no other from our personal attendance at several of his teaching sessions over the years.  His prices are fair; maybe even a little low for the volume of effects and moves you receive.  His instructions are clear; even we can understand and use them with relatively little practice time.  Keep in mind that it took us 30 years to learn how to effectively perform a push-off second deal and we still cannot perform a pressure fan – much to our embarrassment and shame amongst the professionals with whom we associate.

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Sankey, it could be that you are new to magic or don’t have friends in magic or have never used the internet to look up “magic.”  That doesn’t make you a bad person – there may be other things that could be the basis for such an accusation about your character.  Perhaps you cut in line, make questionably shaped balloon animals for your own private enjoyment, or copy DVDs purchased by others.  But we assume readers of Inside Magic are good people.  The kind who would never do such things.  We also assume readers of Inside Magic understand we often stray from our main topic and do not have our text properly reviewed by a team of editors to remove such strayings.  For instance, we don’t even thing “strayings” is a word but our editor quit over a wage dispute.  She wanted to be paid for her work and would not accept our promise to pay when we sold the domain.

Anyway, back to Mr. Sankey.  We have attended lectures where he spent extra time to help the slow among the audience – primarily us – to learn his effects even though the tricks were not ones he was selling.  He just did it because … well, we don’t know why.  Perhaps he likes to teach magic.  As a community, magicians are fortunate that this is his motive.  He does it well and often.

You can check out his site here.  You can learn the force we mentioned by going here.

Mr. Sankey didn’t ask us to write this and certainly didn’t pay us – otherwise we would still have our editor.

Jay Sankey is an official Inside Magic Favorite.

Pop Haydn in Paperback: Master Magician Tells All

Inside Magic Image Whit Haydn's New BookConsummate magician and Inside Magic All-Time Favorite Whit “Pop” Haydn has a new book out, Stories of a Street Performer: Over 40 Years of Performing Magic .

It is available on in both paperback and as an ebook. We ordered the paperback late last night and are downloading the digital rendition as we type this very line.

To say that we worship Mr. Haydn is to grossly misstate our true feelings. He is not just an incredible magician with enviable skills and perfect timing; he is a great person as well. Mr. Haydn has supported Inside Magic since its very earliest days. In fact, his was the very first Inside Magic Celebrity Interview and still one of the most read.

We will give a full review of the new book as soon as the download is complete and our uploading (reading) is finished.

You can check out the review of the book on Jason Stack’s page here.

Jinger’s Homecoming: Magic Duo Appear at Mohegan Sun This Weekend

Inside Magic Image of Kalin & Jinger Prepare for Alan Wakling's Selbeit SawingJinger of Inside Magic Favorite Kalin & Jinger is celebrated in her hometown newspaper today in advance of the duo's shows this weekend at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino. 

The couple will perform two shows at the 10,000 seat Sun Arena as stars of the Master of Illusion Live tour. 

Jinger is a favorite daughter of Bridgeport, Connecticut and her parents still reside in the Nutmeg State.  

The lithe and talented performer told the local media, “It's great to perform in front of people you know. It makes it special.”

"Special" is the perfect adjective for Kalin & Jinger's act and career.  We had the distinct honor of sitting next to Jinger as a committee person for their Spirit Cabinet performance.  As you loyal and disloyal readers of Inside Magic are aware, we will never expose the secrets of any magic effect unless it somehow makes us look good, smart or could serve up more internet hits to boost our ad revenue. 

We can say that while being immediately next to Jinger was thrilling and magical in its own right, we were unable to learn their secret.  We assisted in tying charming and beautiful better half of the Kalin & Jinger show and then sat as close as possible to her whilst the curtains closed around us. 

Perhaps we were still unnaturally giddy being so close to someone of such renown and talent, intoxicated by her incredible beauty or startled by the rapid-fire succession of events, but we remain clueless as to how she was able to manifest the loud, chaotic spirit that literally filled the ad hoc cabinet, put a bucket on our disproportionately large skull and pulled up our pant legs all within no more than five to ten seconds.   

You can read our full review of that fateful night here. Inside Magic Review: Mark Kalin & Jinger (November 25, 2006).

Jinger began as a dancer at the age of four and by 15, she was in demand around the United States.  She worked with Disney, Fuji Television and Southern California dinner theaters and bestowed with the a scholarship to the “Young Americans' College of Performing Arts.”

Mark and Jinger became a couple when she filled in as his assistant while performing in Guam. 

If you have not seen the couple perform — and that seems unlikely given their exposure through nationalize televised shows like NBC's “Word's Greatest Magicians”, “Hidden Secrets of Magic,” Fox Family's “Magic on the Edge,” Fox TV's “World Magic Awards” and  “Entertainment Tonight”, CBS and ABC — you need to make the trip to the Sun Arena this weekend or one of their upcoming performances.

They perform true magic. 

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Cannon’s Great Escapes to Shutter

We received some very disappointing news from Inside Magic Favorites Mark and Shelia Cannon, owners of our favorite place to shop for escape gear. Mark Cannon has brought fear and exhilaration to the plaque encrusted and otherwise jaded hearts of magicians and laity worldwide.

The good news: Mark and Shelia Cannon will continue to perform.

The bad news: Cannon’s Great Escapes will vanish forever at the end of this month. (Remember that June has only 30 days when calculating your cash flow / opportunity cost ratios).

The good news (for them): by closing the shop, Shelia will be able to focus on her work as a vacation specialist.

The good news (for Shelia’s clients): Mark and Shelia Cannon have performed almost everywhere on this allegedly round planet. They know the good, the bad, and the poorly maintained villas and outposts. Armed with this knowledge, Shelia can guide her clients to an enjoyable respite and avoid the traps set for those booking with less-experienced agents.

The shop will shutter forever in a little more than two weeks but the goods are going quickly. They will not be ordering additional stock and many items are completely sold out; and the additional markdowns only encourage the frenetic “shark smells blood, shark follows blood, shark creates more blood” behavior shopkeepers love.

We lusted for their Cannon’s Strong Box Escape for years. When we heard the store was closing, we rushed to the site as fast as our gas-powered laptop would go. Alas, we were too late. This incredible escape was gone. We cursed aloud because we were miffed, positively ticked that we waited too long to get something we knew we wanted. We hoped this taught us a lesson for the future. It serves us right.

Mark and Shelia Cannon are two of our very favorites. They have always been helpful and cooperative with this on-line scandal sheet. We have thanked them and their attorneys several times for their willingness to drop otherwise meritorious lawsuits in exchange for our issuing a retraction or clarification – or, when it got really bad, openly weeping in a YouTube appeal to their better natures.

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How Cool: Tudor Magic Newsletter Feb. 2011

Inside Magic Image of John Tudor's Poster

John Tudor is one of the all-time favorites of the Inside Magic Favorites.

This guy does magic — real magic.  We’re not speaking metaphorically or making a vague comparison for impact.

We mean it.

John Tudor has the apparent powers to do real magic.

John Tudor is an actor playing the part of a magician who is playing the part of an actor playing a magician.

He has, as we say on Broadway, skills.

We feel as if we have been transported back into the Golden Days of Magic when we watch him perform.

He brings a majesty to the stage while maintaining his friendly, charming persona.

Plus, he has always been nice to us and never hit us in a way that would cause unsightly bruising visible during our performance.

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