Mac King: Better than Copperfield

Inside Magic Image of Person Watching Our Double Wide HomeThe big time professional magicians spend buckets of moolah hoping to entice just one more customer in the door.  And these are magicians who have talent far beyond even the best of the best in our local Rings or Assemblies.  

The advertising consultants we've consulted unanimously agree the best type of advertisement is also the toughest to create, word of mouth. 

We were impressed by the praise heaped upon Inside Magic Favorite Mac King in a pithy review posted on Trip Advisor this morning. 

Under the title, “Better than David Copperfield” a traveler from the Midwest penned just a few sentences that likely has more power than any paid-for advertisement Mr. King could muster.

Mac King, who looks like a blonde Paul McCartney, is much more genuine and entertaining than David Copperfield, who comes off as jaded and almost contemptuous of his audience. I laughed at King's silly jokes in spite of myself because he seemed like such a nice guy. This show is definitely worth the money and time spent. Go see it!

We hate to see two fantastic magicians compared against each other in this way and hope that readers of the Trip Advisor site are able to overlook this poster's negative impressions of  Mr. Copperfield's act.  Not to sound too much like your mother, but we love both acts and each magician equally.  They are each special.

Additionally, we never saw Mac King as a "blonde Paul McCartney" but have noticed that each time we have seen his show at Harrah's in Vegas, Paul McCartney was not to be seen.  We're not saying this is like a "Dancing Bear – Captain Kangaroo" situation where the Captain would always just miss seeing the much-heralded dancing bear thus leading some to suggest that it was the Captain within the costume.  Still, it seems more than a coincidence and perhaps this citizen poster has a point. 

We have taken the liberty of requesting DNA from Paul McCartney and will compare it with that which we have sampled from a goldfish we perloined from Mac King's show.  Once we have the former Beatle's scrapings, we will post the results. 

If Paul McCartney provides a sufficient amount of DNA, we will divide it into smaller bits and sell it on eBay to pay for the rather expensive DNA Comparator 3000 Plus we purchased for this journalistic investigation.  Why not just sell the DNA Comparator 3000, some may ask.  

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Mac King Wows ‘Em at London’s Palladium

Inside Magic Image of Palladium Magic 100 Year CelebrationThe Las Vegas Sun reports that Inside Magic favorite and all around good guy and great magician Mac King took part in the prestigious Palladium Magic Show in London, England.

The show celebrated a century of Magic at the prestigious theater (“theatre” in metric).

Mac King told the paper of record for the town that keeps no records and admits nothing,  “I was mighty excited to be a part of the one-night event 100 Years of Magic at The Palladium. Playing the London Palladium is every performer’s dream. It was a great show and a wonderful audience.”

You (or someone you have who does such things for you) can see the poster and program for what must have been an incredible event here.

via Strip Scribbles: Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 – Las Vegas Sun.

Comfort Food, Magician Mac King and Candy

Inside Magic Image of Candy an Orphan of the Streets from Las VegasDo not miss the hardest working Magician in Vegas, Mac King says
Vinnie Favorito in today’s Las Vegas Sun.

We don’t know Mr. Favorito personally but understand he is a
Las Vegas comedian of substantial renown and a friend of Inside
Magic Favorite Mac King. In addition, as we said just this
morning when discussing a different topic, “any friend of Mac is
a friend of ours.”

We were dining that one of the many magic-themed breakfast
nooks in and about the Greater Area of Mystic Hollow, Michigan.
We forget how the topic came up – but not because we are
fabricating this story out of floss and flotsam. We were
discussing “comfort food” and comparing the merits Kraft’s
American Classic vis-à-vis the many private label brands
of Macaroni and Cheese and coming to agreement amongst all
gathered around the counter that Kraft must have a secret recipe
for delicious Mac and Cheese.

The waitress, Flobee (short for Florence Beatty, hence “Flo
B”) began extolling the substantial comfort one can gain from
carney food like Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, and Turkey
Drumsticks. One of the younger magicians made an inappropriate
comment about Corn Dogs providing comfort and the meeting was
adjourned without further discussion.

But it is unlike us to deviate from our topic. Usually we are
like a laser guided missile of messaging reflecting off the
stunned eyes of our readers. So let’s get back to it, shall we.

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Mac King Celebrates Young Authors

Inside Magic Image of Mac KingFollowing on the February 2011 launch of Mac King’s Magical Literacy Tour, the man himself visited with student/guests at the Annual Elaine Wynn 3rd Grade Book Publishing Party. Inside Magic Favorite Mac King has participated in the event for the last three years and has been a fervent proponent of literacy and providing children the opportunity to read more.

Mac King joined the “Wynning Authors” at Elaine Wynn Elementary School’s Third Grade Book Publishing Party. The fete honors young authors and encourages reading. The event showcases the students’ accomplishments as published authors and gives them a chance to read a passage from their books during the ceremony.

The magician recently named The Best Strip Headliner by Las Vegas Weekly, told the gathered kids that his interest in magic developed by “checking-out” a magic text from his elementary school library.

He now dedicates an enormous percentage of his available time visiting local Las Vegas schools to encourage kids to become readers and writers.

If you have a trip planned to Las Vegas, be sure to block out time to take in The Mac King Comedy Magic Show. He appears twice daily, Tuesday through Saturday, at Harrah’s Las Vegas at 1 and 3 p.m. in the Showroom Theatre.

Learn more about The Mac King Comedy Magic Show by visiting

22,000 Square Feet for Criss Angel

 happy in above ground pool littleRobin Leach goes full bore with a virtual open house tour of Criss Angel’s new home in Nevada.

Nicknamed Serenity, Robin Leach describes it blithely as “inspired by an Old World Tuscan castle, Criss Angel’s extraordinary 22,000-square-foot home is a breathtaking 2 1/2-acre mountaintop paradise with spectacular views of the mountains and the entire Las Vegas Strip.”

How nice is it?

Well, The Association of Pool and Spa professionals named his 22,000 square-foot pool and spa as one of the “Top Five Most Beautiful Residential Pools in America, and it won the Gold International Award.”

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